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February 27, 2019
February 28, 2019

Active Directory security auditing and threat detection.

Safeguard your Active Directory environment with ADAudit Plus, and gain better insight into your domains with real-time alerts and complete change monitoring.

Active Directory security auditing.

With ADAudit Plus' intuitive reports, instant alerts, and real-time change monitoring, you can quickly detect and respond to internal threats.
Complete details on user logons, logon failures, and account lockouts are correlated in a single report to help you analyze logons/logoffs as well as unearth signs of brute force attacks.
Gain better insight into domain activity with reports differentiating normal and anomalous user behavior. User behavior analytics uses machine learning algorithms to detect unusual behavior and uncover insider threats.
Audit every activity performed on files and folders, including failed attempts to access or modify the structure of files/folders in your file server, and ensure data integrity.
Know about every critical change happening in your domain with instant alerts sent straight to your inbox or phone. Couple alerts with automated script execution for a quick fix to the problem.
Get an instant view of the top critical changes that happen in your domain with the intuitive dashboard widgets. Quickly investigate any issue that sparks suspicion by analyzing these events.

ADAudit Plus - A unified auditing solution for:

Windows Active Directory.

  • Utilize over 200 detailed, graphical reports as well as instant email and SMS alerts.
  • Monitor, report on, and receive alerts on domain controller activity in real time.
  • Track all AD object changes.


  • Track workstation logons and logoffs.
  • Monitor activity on terminal services.
  • Automate report delivery.

File Servers

  • Audit file access, creation, modification, and deletion.
  • Track down permission changes for effective security auditing.
  • Monitor network shares.

Windows Servers.

  • Ensure integrity of confidential data with file integrity monitoring.
  • Monitor RADIUS logons.
  • Audit removable storage devices.
  • Audit print servers.