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January 2, 2019
Securing Hybrid Active Directory webinar series 2019
January 17, 2019

AD, Exchange, & Office 365 administration made easy

About Workshop

We're happy to present this free series of online workshops to help you master Active Directory (AD), Exchange, and Office 365 administration using ADManager Plus.
To attend these workshops, you will need:
  • A working internet connection and a web browser.
  • A valid GoToWebinar ID to connect to the workshop (emailed to you upon registration).

Highlights and Benefits of this Training

  • Learn from the comfort of your workplace.
  • Get expert tips to resolve day-to-day IT problems. Explained with detailed walk-throughs.
  • Get instant assistance from product experts via live chat.
  • Take up our ManageEngine Certified Product Associate (MECPA) certification test at zero cost by attending all sessions in a series.

User provisioning for Active Directory, Office 365, G Suite using Smart Templates.

  • Onboarding users with single pane user provisioning for AD, Exchange, Office 365, and Skype for Business accounts.
  • Bulk provisioning of AD user accounts across departments and functions with a CSV file.
  • Adding users to specific OUs and configure their group membership.
  • Populating users' custom attributes by fetching values specified in a CSV file.
  • Standardizing naming formats for users across your organization.
  • Making required attributes mandatory without modifying the AD schema.
  • Detecting and avoiding of forest wide user account duplication. Applying alternative naming formats during onboarding.

Centralized management of AD users, Office 365 licenses, and Exchange mailboxes

  • Automatically updating users' group membership when users are moved to another department.
  • Moving users' home folders while decommissioning file servers.
  • Enforcing uniform naming formats and update users' primary and secondary SMTP addresses while merging domains.
  • Migrating Exchange mailboxes in bulk after upgrading your Exchange server.
  • Identifying and free up inactive Office 365 users' licenses.
  • Automating modification of users' AD accounts when user records are modified on linked Oracle or MS SQL database.
  • Configuring delete ordisable policy to streamline user deprovisioning.
  • Integrating ADManager Plus with help desk tools such as ServiceDesk Plus and Zendesk to perform AD operations right from the help desk console.

AD delegation and ticket-based help desk workflow for AD operations

  • Creating a user management console for HR executives and branch heads, so they can create and manage their teams' accounts.
  • Delegating Office 365 and G Suite management and reporting to help desk technicians.
  • Limiting technician's access to specific OUs.
  • Enforcing attribute-level restrictions for error-free account creation and modification, as per your organization's policies.
  • Executing AD tasks with a multi-level approval workflow.
  • Enhancing security with approval-based group subscriptions.
  • Automatically assigning tickets to technicians and know their progress via email.

Script-free Active Directory reporting and efficient access management via group membership and file server permissions management

  • Identifying users with excessive logon permissions on domain controllers and file servers.
  • Forcing organization-wide user password resets immediately after brute force attacks or password policy updates.
  • Finding help desk groups that are nested under admin groups.
  • Identifying, restricting, and controling access to critical business information for users based on your requirements.
  • Quickly accessing frequently used reports with customizable dashboard.
  • Creating custom reports based on your needs.
  • Scheduling reports to be generated and emailed to your administrators at a predefined time and frequency.

Automation for critical AD routines and setting up iOS and Android apps

  • Provisioning user accounts automatically as per new hires' details given by HR.
  • Assigning time-based group memberships for users.
  • Tracing, quarantining, and cleaning up stale AD accounts.
  • Integrating with MS SQL and Oracle databases to automatically create, modify, and delete accounts in AD.
  • Identifying security issues in your AD environment by integrating with SIEM tools.
  • Leveraging ADManager Plus' mobile apps to perform AD tasks.