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Founded in 1960 by Atma Jaya Foundation, University Katolik Atma Jaya Jakarta is a higher education institution with eight faculties, eighteen undergraduate courses, thirteen graduate courses, and three profession courses.
Jakarta, Indonesia
Industry – Education
Desktop Central

ManageEngine Desktop Central is a product that combines many facets of IT management and combines it into a simply to use single product. Not only does Desktop Central save time and effort but also saves costs by putting many of the tools that make IT life easier in one place and automates inventory management.

Andri Lesmana Wanasurya, S.T., M.T. Chief Information Officer (CIO), Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia, Jakarta.

Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia was founded in 1960 by group of scholars under Atma Jaya Foundation and currently runs eight faculties, eighteen undergraduate courses, thirteen graduate courses, and three profession courses. Atma Jaya’s philosophy to constantly improve the quality of education renders the university to implement IT within the system.

“We are one of the first education institution to implement online academic system in early 90’s in Indonesia. Our academic system was initially built as part of our internet system, then came into web based version in early 2000, says Andri L. Wanasurya, Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Atma Jaya Catholic University of Jakarta.

In the University, students and staff have been working day and night. Atma Jaya's IT Division is responsible for not only providing the access to various IT resources, but also ensuring network security, performance, and reliability. At larger universities, the challenge lies in maintaining a perfect desktop system.

The task at hand was phenomenal, as the site engineers operated from remote locations and were using heterogeneous tools for IT asset management and other IT operations. The IT personnel were visiting remote site computers to troubleshoot and collect asset information. When the IT team decided to overhaul the IT operations, they opted for a desktop management solution.

Desktop Central helps in managing servers / desktops / mobile devices from a central location. This automates the complete life cycle of desktop and cellular device management. System configuration, software deployment, antivirus updates, assets, patch management and many more.

IT Department of Atma Jaya Catholic University started searching out for a solution that can replace the manual deployment process. Despite the goal of centralized software deployment tool, they preferred an application that can make distribution packages more streamlined for a faster deployment.

“To be honest, Desktop Central was the first package I tried and I was really impressed with the easy setup and deployment. I was able to install Desktop Central, configure it and configure the domain in no time”.

Previously, it was a fact that manual deployment consumed a lot of time and efforts which become a back breaking task. However, Andri said that at present the usage of Desktop Central plays a pivotal role in automating deployments from a centralized location. “With a single click I can perform a bulk deployment,” he said.

“After deploying ManageEngine Desktop Central, the biggest advantage we have gained is the total control over the IT ecosystem. We don’t have to run around to install software locally which saves us enormous amount of time and efforts.” add Andri as CIO of Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia, Jakarta.

Customer testimony by Andri L. Wanasurya, Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia, Jakarta.

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