Exclusive Shield Virtual 2020 Indonesia
September 2, 2020
ITCON Digital 2.0 | APAC
September 14, 2020

Building an AI-powered IT infrastructure



The purview of artificial intelligence extends beyond smart homes, digital assistants, and self-driving cars. AI helps global enterprises mine and process large volumes of data through techniques such as natural language processing, pattern and behavioural analysis, and machine learning. Understanding the expectations of end users, combined with actionable business intelligence, helps businesses make products that customers want to buy, which translates into long-term market sustenance.

From an enterprise IT perspective, AI continues to prove its worth, as it makes an IT admin's life easier by automating help desk operations and providing real-time insights about potential security incidents, offering conversational assistance for efficient management of help desk requests, and providing preemptive solutions to customersõ problems using predictive analysis.

In this webinar, you'll learn about:

  • Why AI and ML are taking enterprises by storm
  • How to leverage AI automation in your day-to-day IT workflow
  • Real-world use cases of AI in IT management and industry best practices

InWhat's so special about this webinar?

  • This online training is FREE of charge held by Manage Engine and Prodata Experts
  • This webinar will be specially presented in Indonesian.
  • The webinar lasts 2 hours
  • You can ask directly
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