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March 8, 2019
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March 8, 2019

Building threat intelligence capabilities of your organization

Why attend this webinar?

An organization's threat preparedness depends on several factors such as the ability to detect threats quickly, level of prior knowledge, and quality of response. A threat intelligence and management solution helps organizations neatly tie together all these factors and build a solid foundation for their defense against attacks. It is an absolute necessity for organizations to invest and build their capabilities in threat intelligence, and our IT security expert is here to tell you why and how. Join our webinar and discover how threat intelligence gives you an edge over the millions of bad actors out there.


  • The importance of threat intelligence
  • Types of threats you can defeat
  • A look at threat feeds, STIX and TAXII
  • Threat intelligence and management with SIEM
    • Real-time alerts and forensics
    • The use of event correlation
    • Incident management