August 19, 2020

Free eBook Accounts, privileges, and misconfigurations

IT admins work with different types of accounts as part of their daily routine. Learn More
March 3, 2020

Detecting Insider Threats & Attacks for Dummies | Free E-Book

Many organizations are turning to user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) and user behavior analytics (UBA) to help their SIEM technology detect attacks with more precision and a broader scope. UEBA/UBA can detect what a traditional SIEM can’t by looking for strange behavior of the user, referred to as anomalies, that can indicate clear attacks.
March 20, 2019

10 crucial security audit reports every admin needs

Can you detect these events in your network? Any of them could indicate an attack attempt. Data breach studies have shown that it often takes months for organizations to discover they’ve been breached, primarily because security teams lack effective auditing measures.