April 2, 2020

7 real-life ITSM success stories from top industry leaders

In this e-book, you'll discover seven ITSM success stories from top industry leaders, covering topics about real-life consulting and implementation situations; techniques and tips to leverage people, processes, and technology for better results in service management operations; and so much more. Download your free copy to read firsthand accounts of these success stories, and be inspired to create your own!
April 2, 2020

Best virtual machine management practices | ManageEngine OpManager

To win the battle against server downtime, VM sprawl, OS vulnerabilities, and failover issues, IT admins need to strengthen their server virtualization monitoring game. The purpose of this e-book is to shed light on some simple, insightful, and easy-to-implement VM management methods.
March 3, 2020

Detecting Insider Threats & Attacks for Dummies | Free E-Book

Many organizations are turning to user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) and user behavior analytics (UBA) to help their SIEM technology detect attacks with more precision and a broader scope. UEBA/UBA can detect what a traditional SIEM can’t by looking for strange behavior of the user, referred to as anomalies, that can indicate clear attacks.
December 17, 2019

5 cost-saving opportunities in the IT asset life cycle

The history of cybersecurity shows us that the phrase "you can never be too safe" rings all too true; with the threat of a hack occurring at anytime, being unaware of new attack strategies is one of the greatest blunders a cybersecurity professional can commit. To make their jobs a little easier, we've put together a quick guide explaining how the attacks work, how to detect them, and how to prevent three unconventional, catastrophic cyberattacks that can be dreadful.