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January 18, 2019
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January 28, 2019

Desktop Management Free Training

Join us for the Desktop Central's free training. This 60 minutes of training, will help you learn tips & tricks, best practices and hidden secrets in desktop management. You can improve your skills on patching computers, installing/uninstalling software, remote control, configurations, security management and more. Please do come up with your expectations/suggestions, so that we can serve you better.

Time Zones:

  • 11:30 EDT | USA, UK, Canada and Mexico
  • 6:30 GMT | Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia

Here is the training agenda:

  1. Patch Management | January 30, 2019
    Desktop Central’s patch management helps the IT administrators to automate the deployment of patches to the systems in the network to keep them healthy and are less vulnerable to any attack. It supports patching Windows, Mac and 3rd party applications
  2. Software Deployment | February 6, 2019
    Distributing, installing, updating and uninstalling software applications are common tasks in all enterprises. These tasks include a lot of processes and usually take up a lot of administrators' time and resources. Desktop Central enables IT admins to install, update and uninstall software applications to multiple computers from a central point. It supports both Windows & Mac operating systems.
  3. Asset Management | February 13, 2019
    An administrator must be up-to-date on the information about the software and hardware used across the organization. Manual compilation and reconciliation of IT assets is effort-intensive and error-prone. Desktop Central's Web-based Inventory Management not only helps automate this task, but also provides out-of-the-box Network Inventory reports.
  4. Remote Control | February 20, 2019
    Most often, administrators require to access a computer remotely to troubleshoot or to perform tasks remotely. Desktop Central enables single-click access to remote computers for both Windows & Mac operating systems
  5. Configurations, USB, Agent & Server Mgmt | February 27, 2019
    As part of Desktop Management, administrators should also require to standardize the system and application configurations to give users an uniform experience across the organization. With over 25 pre-defined configurations and over 65 templates, this can be achieved with ease.