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Exclusive Cybersecurity and IAM virtual seminar

Answer below :

Is your organization one among the 44 percent who take less than a month to discover a compromise in your own network ?

Is your organization one of those 33 % who take less than 24 hours to resolve cybersecurity incidents ?

IF your answer is NO for both questions above  it’s time to revamp your Incident Response Plan (IRP) by attending this Online Seminar.

Due to when fighting against cyber threats , Enterprise has to be quick and efficient as possible.  But , often most Enterprises perform so much energy performing doing mundane & endless tasks. This Online Seminar helps Enterprise to better detect and combat security breaches and also meet company‘s compliance requirements.

Here’s what Shield Virtual Seminar benefit for you:

  1. An integrated solution for Identity and Access Management (IAM) needs in Windows environment, from user provisioning, self-service to risk governance and offers it with a simple, easy to use interface.
  2. With an estimated 70 percent of breaches starting at endpoints, it’s high time that IT admins take action to prevent these intrusions by leveraging multi-factor authentication (MFA). Endpoint MFA ensures users prove their identity through additional authentication methods like biometrics during workstation, server, and VPN logins. Implementing Endpoint MFA mitigates the risks of exposing sensitive data, even in cases where passwords are compromised due to inadequate password hygiene.
  3. Auditing crucial changes made to AD objects can help in determining if the changes made are in conformance with the IT Law. AD360 fetches all the required audit data from the Exchange servers, File servers and Active Directory and helps in meeting the IT regulatory compliance such as HIPAA or SOX (Sarbanes Oxley).
  4. Actively response to threat by detect anomalies instantly with user behaviour analytics & configure the tool to respond to incidents automatically.
  5. Protect sensitive data by tracking file access across Windows file servers, failover clusters, NetApp, and Dell EMC.
  6. Many more…

Top 2 reasons you need to be in this Webinar :

  1. Get actionable insights :
    • Know the best practices for Active Directory management from across the globe
    • Watch presentations from speakers with impeccable credentials
    • Hear from Prodata & Manage Engine Experts that you can actually use and leverage for your own IT environment especially in Active Directory environment, Physical, Virtual & Hybrid server environment.
  2. View Live Demos-Watch live demos to get a clear picture of what AD360 & Log360 can do to ensure seamlessly bring together indicators of compromise from across the network, help prioritize quickly & most importantly fully automate the response to every security incidents.

What’s So Special About This Online Seminar ?

  1. Webinar via Zoom & Youtube
  2. This online training is FREE of charge held by Manage Engine and Prodata Experts
  3. This webinar will be presented in Indonesian & English. Most important is audiences can ask directly to Prodata , Mr. Vivin & Mr Harish
  4. You can follow Seminar from Google Play, AppStore, laptop, PC and Mobile Phone.
  5. Attendees will receive a participation certificate via email.
  6. Attend and you stand a chance to win an Ovo voucher.



Jul 06 2021


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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