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Free Collaboration Webinar EMS Series

Detect & Defend Against Zero-day exploit

Cybercriminals are on their own digital transformation journey . Connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices , bring your own devices (BYOD) trends & cloud initiatives have given cybercriminals new ways to infiltrate your organization by exponentially expanding the attack surface. Technologies like artificial intelligence & machine learning have given these miscreants new tools with which to distribute malware , targeted customers to become their attack to more diverse audiences . As these technologies evolve , cybercriminals are becoming stealthy , sophisticated & evasive.

Here’s what Desktop Central (End Point Management & Protection) can do for you:

  1. Continuously monitor your network to catch vulnerabilities as they emerge at the earliest stage from your endpoints & mobile devices
  2. Assess and prioritize vulnerabilities by customize & automate the entire patching workflow.
  3. Test and approve patches for hassle free deployment.
  4. Detect misconfigurations and deploy secure configurations to strengthen your company system security.
  5. Harden internet facing web servers from many attack variants such as XSS, clickjacking , etc
  6. Identify and eliminate high risk software , unauthorized , unsupported software in your network with just a click of button.

Top 3 reasons you need to be in this Webinars :

  1. Get actionable insights-Hear from Prodata & Manage Engine Experts that you can actually use and leverage for your own IT environment
  2. View Live Demos-Watch live demos to get a clear picture of what Desktop Manager with add on Vulnerability Manager can do to prevent these cyberattacks from compromising your organisation.
  3. Learn how to turn the tables on cyber attackers and use their attempts to actually improve your company security posture.

What’s So Special About This Webinar?

  1. Webinar via Zoom & Youtube
  2. This online training is FREE of charge held by Manage Engine and Prodata Experts
  3. This webinar will be presented in Indonesian & English. Most important is audiences can ask directly to Prodata & Mr. Santhosh
  4. You can follow webinars from Google Play, AppStore, laptop, PC and Mobile Phone.
  5. Attendees will receive a participation certificate via email.
  6. Attend and you stand a chance to win an Ovo voucher.


Aug 13 2021


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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