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Training Product Update ITOM – Sept 02, 2021


ITOM OpManager
(IT Operations Management)

OpManager / Netflow Analyzer / Network Config Mgr / OpUtils / Firewall Analyzer / Applications Mgr / Site 24×7 / Alarms One

Don’t missed up Partner Enablement ITOM (OpManager) , Selling Strategy for IT Operation Manager solution from Prodata Manage Engine

The general purpose of network monitoring is to monitor the datacenter in order to prevent downtime/ network faults, Unplanned downtime can lead to potential business losses. Most of Enterprises have reactive, poor strategy planning & management that sometimes leads wrong decisions. All of these factors are capable of bringing a successful Enterprise business DOWN. 

The solution is OpManager  which can help companies in getting clear insights into their network performance, bandwidth, identifying optimal routes for interconnect, providing accurate insights on data flow of information. With Opmanager,  Enterprises can achieve operational efficiency & the most important thing is reducing overall Enterprise operational costs

In this update , we will discuss:

  1. What is Opmanager ?
    OPmanager from Manage Engine is a leading player in the Network Management System Market. Opmanager is powerful & affordable, scalable, comprehensive, end to end network monitoring software that offers advanced fault & performance management functionality across critical IT resources such as routers, WAN Link, switches, firewalls, VOIP, physical & virtual servers, SAN, NAS & other IT infrastructure devices.
  2. What can the sotware do ?
    a. Network health & performance
    b. Physical & Virtual Server Performance Monitoring
    c. Storage Management
    d. Workflow Automation
    e. Real-time Maps, Dashboard & Business Views
    f. Intelligent Alerting & Fault Management
  3. Partner opportunity overview for OpManager
    a. Every Enterprise face downtime nightmare & the impact is huge …even to the biggest companies also can not denied this downtime situation
    b. Not every Enterprise knows how to resolve & troubleshooting their complex network problems
    c. Growing applications & servers consolidation projects plan.
    d. Every enterprise struggling to maintain remote locations. Usually remote areas receive worse network performance
    e. Based on 2020 survey , Human error accounts for 45% of downtime
  4. Most important is Know how to do scheme licensing for OpManager
  5. Attendance Certificate for sales category in ITOM (OpManager category)

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Sep 02 2021


2:00 pm - 3:15 pm

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