Combatting the next big attack vector
August 13, 2019
Hybrid Active Directory & IT Security webinar series
August 15, 2019

Free Cybersecurity & Hybrid Identity Management Seminar 2019

Highlights & Benefits of this Seminar

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08.30 WIB - 09.00 WIB
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09.00 WIB - 09.15 WIB
Welcome Note
09:15 WIB - 10:00 WIB
Managing a Hybrid Active Directory Environment

  • Streamline hybrid active directory management and reporting
  • How simple provisioning users for on-prem and in the cloud can be
  • Which reports and settings can help you manage licenses
  • Automating critical AD management routines such as user onboarding, offboarding and group membership management.
  • Finding out and managing permissions that users have on confidential folders in your organization.

10:00 WIB - 10:45 WIB
Hybrid Active Directory monitoring made simple

  • How AI and UBA help in exposing anomalies
  • Secure administrative accounts and track their activity.
  • Find out the source that is causing an account to lockout
  • Audit changes made to top security groups in your domain.
  • Protect service accounts and ensure its related applications are running.

10:45 WIB - 11:00 WIB
Coffee Break
11:00 WIB - 11:45 WIB
Prevent attacks by implementing Multi factor authentication and put password woes to rest.

  • Strengthen password self-service using the latest multi-factor authentication techniques.
  • Notify remote users via SMS and email about their impending password expiration.
  • Enforce centralized granular password policies across Active Directory and cloud applications.
  • Provide one-click access to cloud applications with Active Directory-based single sign-on.
  • Synchronize passwords between Active Directory and multiple cloud applications in real time.

11:45 WIB - 12:30 WIB
IT Security and Risk: recommendations to safe guard one's IT landscape with SIEM

  • Dealing with attacks: Auditing, compliance, and continuous monitoring are critical
  • Setting up critical security alerts to detect potential threats in your network.
  • Auditing network devices: Detecting and preventing network intrusions.
  • The importance of correlation and ways to correlate events to monitor your entire network
  • Poor data governance leaves you vulnerable to breaches.
  • Data classification: The importance and need.
  • How to track the access and movement of sensitive files in your data storage devices.

12:30 WIB - 13:30 WIB
13:30 WIB - 14:00 WIB
Test & Certification Product Associate ADManager Plus, ADAudit Plus, ADSelfService Plus and EventLog Analyzer.
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  • Exam duration 60 minutes , 40 questions & valid for 1year
  • Relevant Digital certificate  & Title will  be provided upon successful completion & universally valid
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  • If fail, then you can always retake the respective certification by paying the appropriate fee to improve your score.
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