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January 28, 2019
The changing role of ITSM in 2019
January 28, 2019

Free Bandwidth Management Training!

NetFlow Analyzer offers free training to its users to help understanding the product better and share tips and tricks to make best use of your bandwidth management tool. The training starts from February 13, 2019 and will happen on Wednesday for two weeks.

Getting the initial settings right!

Feb 13, 201911:30 AM EST | 06:30 AM GMT
The first step of bandwidth monitoring is successfully configuring flow exports from all your network devices and selecting which interfaces you need to monitor. During this training session, we'll show you how to simplify these tasks in NetFlow Analyzer and get started quickly. We're also going to show off NetFlow Analyzer's new UI, which offers various customization options to simplify bandwidth monitoring and save time analyzing network traffic.

Top five reports that make network troubleshooting easier.

Feb 20, 201911:30 AM EST | 06:30 AM GMT
Diagnosing and troubleshooting network problems in modern complex networks is time consuming and far more troublesome. Learn how to manage your network traffic better and optimize it for smooth access to mission-critical applications. During this training session, we'll cover various troubleshooting actions available in NetFlow Analyzer to simplify and save your time while resolving network issues. Share your bandwidth woes with us and we will help you solve them better.