Outlining a security monitoring plan for 2020
January 7, 2020

Free RoadShow Medan Surabaya Seminar 2020

At the ManageEngine seminar, you'll learn:

Help desk and desktop management?ITSM
Active Directory management and auditing
Network performance management and monitoring
Application performance management
Privileged account management

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08.00 WIB - 09.00 WIB
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09.00 WIB - 09.15 WIB
Welcome Note
09:15 WIB - 10:15 WIB
IT Service Management

  • Hitting the right balance of process, tools, and people to win business battles.
  • Overcoming complex challenges in incident, asset, and change management through ITIL best practices: Lessons from the success stories of other organisations.

10:10 WIB - 11:15 WIB
Identity and access management

  • Active Directory management
    • Streamlining management of users, Office 365 licenses, and Exchange mailboxes.
    • Role-based delegation and help desk business workflow for smooth operations.
    • PowerShell-free reporting, efficient accounts, group memberships, and permissions management.
  • Password self-service for Active Directory and the cloud
    • Self-service password reset and account unlock for on-premises and cloud applications.
    • Granular password policies for Active Directory and cloud applications.
    • Active Directory-based single sign-on for cloud applications.

11:15 WIB - 11:30 WIB
Coffee Break
11:30 WIB - 12:15 WIB
Desktop and mobile device management

  • Implementing effective patch management at your company.
  • Automating desktop management routines such as OS and software deployment.
  • Embracing enterprise mobility practices such as BYOD and heterogeneous OS.

12:15 WIB - 13:00 WIB
IT operations management
  • Investigating the root causes of poor network performance and preventing downtime.
  • Making data center management simple with integrated network monitoring.

13:00 WIB - 14:00 WIB
14:00 WIB - 15:15 WIB
IT security
  • Privileged account management
    • Tackling the risk of insider threats by controlling access to privileged accounts.
    • Implementing privileged account management best practices in your company.
    • Staying on top of regulatory and compliance requirements for privileged access.
  • Monitoring, auditing, and alerting
    • Tracking network intrusions to combat external security threats.
    • Preventing unauthorised access and protecting confidential data.
    • Reporting and alerting on all critical Active Directory changes.
15:15 WIB - 15:30 WIB
Q&A session.
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