Applications Aware Network Performance Monitoring Webinar
July 25, 2020
Free Webinar Unified Endpoint Management & Security Series Aug-Sept 2020
July 26, 2020

Identifying security misconfigurations that can lead to breaches

Why attend this webinar?

Sophisticated, high profile breaches often get the most attention, and rightfully so. After all, traversing between multiple systems, and stealing user credentials to access sensitive data hosted on a critical machine does demand attention. But more often than not, when we start to investigate a breach, we often tend to oversee the simple configuration mistakes and managment mishaps. These simple mistakes could be the root causes of the breach, or at the very least a propagation factor.

In this webinar, we'll :

  • Go behind-the-scenes some of the most devastating breaches on hybrid IT environments in 2020.
  • Replicate the breaches live, to analyze and determine the possible configuration errors and management practices that could've facilitated the breach.
  • Create a security and monitoring plan to identify misconfigured permissions, and detect and alert on anolamous activities performed under the context of the permissions.