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October 16, 2019
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October 17, 2019

ManageEngine Special Edition Unified Endpoint Management For Dummies

ManageEngine Special Edition Unified Endpoint Management For Dummies

“Unified Endpoint Management For Dummies” will introduce you to the UEM approach to IT management. This e-book explains the evolution of UEM, as well as the need for UEM in organizations; it also addresses the diverse variety of devices found in organizations and their priority in terms of security. This book will also help you understand how to set up a UEM solution in your environment without disturbing the existing ecosystem, helping to achieve and sustain user productivity.
Finally, this book defines five prime considerations for choosing a UEM solution, which can act as a helpful checklist while evaluating the tools in the market.

Here’s a breakdown of the chapters:

Tracking UEM evolution

Simplifying management

Hardening security

Five UEM considerations

This e-book includes one use case per chapter to present plenty of real-world scenarios and success stories. Download this “For Dummies” e-book to enhance your knowledge of UEM.
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