Top 5 IT security red flags that indicate you're vulnerable to insider threats
Top 5 IT security red flags that indicate you’re vulnerable to insider threats
April 18, 2019
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Zia for ServiceDesk Plus
April 26, 2019

Mobile Device Management Free Training

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Manager Plus free training program aims to facilitate better understanding of the features and capabilities of MDM. Learn how MDM can seamlessly manage devices of different platform, setup policies in the device over-the-air and effortlessly install apps on the devices. This is a two-session training program, with each covering the aforesaid features and much more. The training starts on May 2, 2019.

Session 1 – May 2, 2019 | Time: 11:30 EDT

App Management & Device Security

With enterprises moving to a predominant mobile-only workforce, organizations are having most of its work done on these devices. As IT admins, distributing apps to multiple devices and managing their licenses becomes an onerous task. MDM streamlines app management by letting you distribute both enterprise-specific apps and paid apps OTA as well as have the apps silently installed on the devices.

It also takes care of app updates and management of licenses as well. With mobiles becoming the forefront of corporate workforce, it is only imperative that the corporate data present in the device is secure. MDM provides complete security solutions to secure both the data as well as the device.

Session 2 – May 9, 2019 | Time: 11:30 EDT

Device Enrollment & Provisioning

Mobile Device Manager helps IT administrators enroll and manage devices of different platforms seamless. Learn how to enroll devices in bulk, with minimal admin action and zero user intervention. Also, know how to push policies to configure factory-reset devices and make the device employee-ready as well as how to push configurations only to employees working under specific departments.