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March 8, 2019
Building threat intelligence capabilities of your organization
March 8, 2019

Real-time Active Directory password synchronization for G Suite and Office 365.

Why Attend This webinar?

How many applications are used in your organization on a daily basis? How many passwords do an average user have to remember? How many help desk tickets do you get on a daily basis?
Password synchronization and self-service are the answers to save your help desk from being flooded with password-related tickets. Join this webinar and learn how to simplify users’ login process with our real-time Active directory-based password synchronization solution.


  • Walk-the-talk─ Real-time Active Directory password synchronization for Office 365 and G Suite.
  • Self-service password reset via Ctrl+Alt+Del screen for AD and other applications.
  • Policy-based access control based on Active Directory OUs and groups.
  • Securing your app passwords with a granular password policy.

ADSelf Service Plus