ServiceDesk Plus Masterclass
May 13, 2019
Endpoint Management & Security Workshop 2019
May 13, 2019

ServiceDesk Plus Cloud Masterclass

Date: May 15th

Service request: Simplified employee onboarding

Learn how to help new employees have a great first day by simplifying the onboarding process, designing request workflows, and facilitating a better user experience.


Date: May 30th

Incident management: Building a highly responsive service desk

Learn how to respond to security incidents by automating notifications, prioritizing tickets, and quickly assembling an incident response team.


Date: June 13th

Hardware asset management: Bringing all your assets
under one roof

Learn how to manage vulnerable assets with complete visibility into your asset estate by identifying critical assets and taking proactive measures to secure them.


Date: June 20th

Software asset management: One app for all the other apps

Learn how to get answers to all software compliance and audit questions by monitoring software licenses in real time.


Date: July 03rd

Change and project management: A pacer for your IT marathon

Learn how to align bold business objectives with big IT goals by streamlining IT change management while minimizing the risk associated with the change and ensuring high service availability.


Date: July 18th

Enterprise service management: Extend ITSM best practices beyond IT

Learn how to set up service management practices for any service team in your organization, including HR, facilities, and administration, by utilizing a quick instance and request workflow setup.


Date: Aug 01st

Analytics: Get a holistic view of your IT service desk

Learn how to leverage analytics to get a holistic view of your service desk performance and efficiently manage people, processes, and assets.