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Renewals Benefit & Why Renew your products

Current Maintenance is critical to sustained security & to maintain optimal products performance. Don't risk your investment, your security and your compliance .

Maintenance allows you to maximize the value of your investment, stay ahead of threats & minimize security risks so your organization is continuously protected

What are the benefits of Maintenance :
  • Increased productivity: Constant updates ensuring optimized software capabilities, performance & reliability
  • Cost savings: Guaranteed, free access to the latest version of your products software
  • Help when you need it: Problem solving when you need it most, 8 x 5 days and 24-hours critical case
  • Reassurance: Priority access to Prodata Support system by signing to PROcare Support
  • Risk mitigation: Against damage to reputation; unplanned downtime & financial loss
  • Learning: Access to knowledge based and get all the documents needed for self-paced training, & shared best practices to keep your skills sharp
What happens if you don't renew :

Once Maintenance expires, you will automatically lose access to all of your Maintenance benefits, most importantly:

  • Critical content & product updates – you risk compromising your protection & running a sub-optimal product.
  • Version Upgrades – you will be required to repurchase the software license to establish the right to the latest version.
  • Technical Support – you will no longer be able to log any technical support cases & phone support will be put on hold temporary.

Unleash the full power of your Manage Engine solutions !

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Learn how your IT team can leverage Manage Engine Products to its highest potential & learn how to installing , configuring & maintaining your Manage Engine products

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The webinars videos contain training videos to help Customers & Partners to learn how to install, configure, & troubleshoot your product, including the latest key features & how to optimize them

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24/7 Prodata technical support you can rely on

Prodata Support team is ready to assist with ManageEngine product challenges customers may encounter .

Prodata Technical services allow you to maximize operational efficiency while reducing cost & minimizing risk, achieving a faster time to value for your infrastructure

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Prodata Support Services Procare Support
Procare Procare Optimum Procare 24 x 7
Telephone Support8 x 5 8 x 524 x 7
Clearly define the case by describe case issue, provide symptoms, steps taken, screenshots, frequency & how the cases impact to business.
Upload diagnostics, screenshots, and related files as supporting document attachment to
Preventive Maintenance 3 x per year 3 x per year 3 x per year
Unlimited Corrective Maintenance V V V
Email & web-based support channels V V V
Assignment of Certified Manage Engine Engineers V V V
Technical Monthly calls  X V V
Quarterly meeting X V V
Annual  health-checks of Manage Engine applications X V V
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Prodata offers a range of professional services designed to support you in meeting your specific goals.

Our full suite of consulting services can be customized to meet company unique business and technology needs at any stage.

No Description -
1 System installation and configuration Contact us for more detail
2 Configuring & testing new features
3 Systems upgrade, migration, consolidation & relocation Manage Engine solutions Book Appointment
4 Provides Scope of Work (SOW) based on Customer assessment report , identify project priorities, project goals, deliverables , duration & costs
5 Provides Best practices, management methods, implementation, deployment plans & overall automation
6 Provides templates / policies & revision configuration of Manage Engine solution to meet Customers latest business requirements
7 Adding new features at Manage Engine’s existing solution
8 Conducting periodic health-checks
9 Customizing internal training agendas
10 Assistance with testing, piloting, implementation, migration & deployment of Manage Engine’s solution
For more information please email to