ADAudit Plus

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ADAudit Plus is an IT security and compliance solution designed for Windows-based organizations. It provides in-depth knowledge about changes effected to both the content and configuration of Active Directory and servers. Additionally, it provides thorough access in access intelligence for desktops and file servers (including NetApp filers), enabling you to protect organization data.

Features and Benefits

  • Real-time Change Monitoring & Alerting for Active Directory:
    A 24x7 surveillance camera for AD! Any change, whether in AD or some member server, is instantly notified with all the 4 Ws recorded: “who” did “what”; from “where” and “when”.
  • User Logon Monitoring:
    Get a detailed report of the users’ logon and logoff activities, whether they happen via workstations or terminal services.
  • Audit trail for admin & other privileged user activities:
    Track what administrators do. Get details about activities carried out by privileged accounts.
  • File Access & User Activity Auditing:
    (covers Windows file server & NetApp Filers) Know what files/folders the users are accessing. Track every activity they carry out on a file including reading, or deletion, or copying/moving of files.
  • Anomaly Detection:
    Get alerted about unusual events that do not conform to the usual/expected pattern of occurrences, say non-business logon hours or dubiously high invalid logon attempts, before they could magnify into catastrophes.
  • Contextual Analysis of Events:
    Profile-based Profile-based event trackers, filters, and event fetching rules enable you to view every change and event from a broader perspective, making incident detection easy.

ADAudit Plus Architecture

ADAudit Plus is available in 4 Editions

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