ADManager Plus

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ADManager Plus is a simple, easy-to-use AD management and reporting solution that helps AD administrators and help desk technicians with their day-to-day activities. With an intuitive web-based UI, ADManager Plus handles a variety of complex tasks, some of which are essential for satisfying compliance audits—like bulk management of user accounts and other AD objects, role-based delegation to help desk technicians, and generating exhaustive AD reports. This AD tool also oers mobile apps that empower admins to perform important user management tasks right from their mobile device.

Features and Benefits

  • Standardized, One-Stop Provisioning:
    From Exchange mailboxes to Lync, all user entitlements can be provisioned from a single window or provisioning template.
  • Automated Provisioning/ De-provisioning:
    Provisions new user accounts automatically as the roster gets updated. When accounts are terminated, it automatically archives their home folders and revokes their group memberships / access permissions.
  • Automation of Critical / Everyday AD operations:
    Be it “inactive account management” or a routine AD task, it can be automated.
  • Off-the-shelf User Management solutions:
    User management is all about changing any of the 150 user attributes based on a situation. Use the prepackaged solution set to re-provision accounts.
  • 140+ Prepackaged, Reprovisioning-Centric Reports:
    Say, you’re perusing “Users without logon script” report and decide that you’d assign logon script to certain accounts. Right from the report, choose those accounts and assign the script!
  • Smart, noninvasive AD Delegation:
    Delegate tasks, not the control! With our delegation system and Active Directory Workflow, you can safely delegate user management tasks to business managers / HR, and get them done just the way you want.

What features does the AD management plug-in over?

This plug-in will over the following Active Directory-specific capabilities in ServiceDesk Plus console:
  • Simultaneous user account creation for multiple platforms, such as AD, Office 365, Exchange, G Suite, and Skype for Business, using custom-made templates.
  • Password reset for AD accounts.
  • User account unlock.
  • User modification via customized templates with rules.
  • SMS and email notifications when AD tasks are executed.

This AD management plug-in also allows administrators and helpdesk technicians to logon to ADManager Plus and
  • Create customized user modification templates
  • Access ADManger Plus' product knowledge base, forum, and technical support team from its console.
  • Use an AD password reset console.
  • Locate any object easily using the AD search capability with built-in filters.
  • Use the AD Explorer for hierarchical view of configured domains and a summary of all properties and permissions (ACLs) of any selected object.

Why should ServiceDesk Plus users install the AD management plug-in?

This plug-in will help ServiceDesk Plus technicians to perform important AD user management, and other AD-specific operations right from within their help desk tool’s console. This saves them the hassle of having to use multiple tools, and also saves a lot of time.
Further, administrators can create customized user modification templates, to streamline user modification, by logging on to ADManager Plus console using this license.

Architecture ADManager Plus

Compare - Editions

ADManager Plus is available in two editions - Standard and Professional.
Features Standard Professional
150+ Active Directory Reports
Active Directory User Management
Active Directory Computer Management
Multiple-Domain Management
Help Desk Delegation #
Office 365 Management & Reporting
Exchange Server Management & Reporting
File Server Management
Active Directory OU Management
Reports Scheduling
AD Group | Contact Management
OU-Based Administration
Workflow | Automation
GPO Management
# Only Professional Edition supports OU, Group-based, and Cross-Domain AD delegation, Office 365 and G Suite delegation, and Technician-specific Templates.

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