What is Browser Security Plus?

Browser Security Plus is an enterprise browser management tool that helps IT administrators manage and secure browsers across networks. It enables them to enforce security policies, control browser extensions and plug-ins, sandbox and lockdown enterprise browsers and also ensure compliance with stipulated browser configurations to protect their networks from browser-based threats.


All essentials to manage and secure browsers through one reliable platform
  • Insights
    Gain complete visibility of the browsers present in the network, their versions, and details of their add-ons.
  • Policy Deployment
    Simple and straightforward policy configuration to secure browsers from security breaches.
  • Add-on Management
    Exercise control over installation and usage of browser extensions and plugins.
  • Compliance
    Discover computers' compliance status with security configurations and achieve 100% compliance.
  • Browser Router
    Automatically direct legacy web-applications to legacy browsers when opened in modern browsers.
  • Java Manager
    Assign specific Java versions to web-applications based on requirements.
  • Browser Lockdown
    Enforce kiosk mode with IT approved websites and business web applications.
  • Browser Isolation
    Securely handle enterprise sites away from malware contacted through untrusted sites.
  • Web Filter
    Control access to the internet by providing or denying access to specific sites.

Supports multiple browsers

Available in two editions

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