DataSecurity Plus

DataSecurity Plus is a change monitoring and notification tool for Windows file servers. With the help of lightweight agents, it monitors the files and shares on target systems in real time. It provides real-time report, alerts about user actions on files, and in-depth analysis of file access attempts. DataSecurity Plus offers truly continuous monitoring fo Windows file ecosystems.

Features and Benefits

  • Complete Insight into Every Change
    Every change made or action performed on a file is reported along with details including who did it, when, and from which IP address.
  • In-depth File Access Analysis
    With its ability to examine file access patterns, this tool easily exposes rogue accesses by malware or insiders.
  • Configurable, Real-time Change Notifications
    Configure the tool to get real-time alerts about changes you deem adverse, e.g., file permission changes or unauthorized access attempts.
  • Automatic Follow-ups for Alerts
    You can configure the tool to automatically execute a command or custom script when is triggered.
  • Ransomware Detection
    Threshold based file access alerts and file access patterns expose ransomware and other malware before they could do serious damage.
  • Real, Continuous File Integrity Monitoring
    Learn about any untoward changes to the system state the moment those changes and before they could do any damage.
  • Storage Analysis Reports
    Get insights about how the disk space is utilized.

Customer Success Story

  • Customer Prodata
    I see OpManager as a valuable tool to provide complete network system and application monitoring at an affordable price. I found it very user-friendly, easy to deploy, and overall a comprehensive network monitoring and management tool.
    IT General Manager
    PT. Indopoly Swakarsa Industry Tbk.
  • Prodata sistem teknologi
    After deploying ADSelfService Plus, the support calls dropped by 30 percent and now our help desk team have time to focus on other important tasks. Our employees are happy because they have a solution to help them deal with password troubles on their own!
  • Prodata sistem teknologi
    ADManager Plus has good reporting features, connects to all parts of AD, and other information systems easily. Its ability to allow the other members of the IT team to perform any AD management or reporting operation, securely and easily, from the console is yet another advantage of the product.
  • ManageEngine Desktop Central is a product that combines many facets of IT management into a single product that unbelievably simple to use.  Desktop Central not only saves time and effort but also lower costs by placing many tools in one place, which results in an easier IT life and automates IT inventory management.
    Andri Lesmana Wanasurya, S.T., M.T. (CIO)
    Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia, Jakarta