Device Control Plus

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The engine that drives data protection!

Data is a valuable corporate asset that demands protection!

With any removable device such as USB, data theft is a one-step process: plug it in.
Get the most out of Device control plus to control, block and monitor USB and peripheral devices
from having unauthorized access to your sensitive data.

Features and Benefits

Everything you need to control, block and monitor USB and peripheral devices.
  • Device & port control
    Control all ports and connected removable devices, block unauthorized access to your data and monitor all device & file actions effectively.
  • File access control
    Prevent data loss with strict role based access control policies - set read only permission, block copying of data from devices and do more.
  • File Transfer Control
    Curb unprecedented data transfers - limit file transfers by setting the maximum file size and type of file that can be transferred from your computer.
  • Trusted Device List
    Create exclusive access for devices to access your computer by adding them to the trusted device list.
  • Temporary access
    Create secure and temporary access for devices to access your computers when they want to access what they want to access
  • Reports and Audits
    Maintain records of devices, users and computers that are managed. View all device actions and data usage activities.

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