Email Gateway Protection


More than 90 percent of all email is spam. With the rise of targeted spear phishing, even your savviest employees can mistakenly click on a malicious link and expose your enterprise to cybercrime.
Trend Micro™ InterScan™ Messaging Security provides the most comprehensive protection against both traditional and targeted attacks. Using the correlated intelligence from Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ and optional sandbox execution analysis, it blocks spam, phishing, and advanced persistent threats (APTs). The included hybrid SaaS deployment option combines a powerful gateway virtual appliance with a SaaS prefilter that stops majority of threats and spam in the cloud—closer to their source. This hybrid solution delivers the best of both worlds: the privacy and control of an on-premises appliance with an in-the-cloud pre-filter for resource efficiency and proactive protection. The Data Privacy and Encryption Module solves the toughest regulatory compliance and data protection challenges by securing outbound data. This optional module offers easy-to-use identity-based encryption and customizable data loss prevention (DLP) templates for quick deployment. See how our messaging security stacks up.


Protection Points: Messaging gateway, Inbound and outbound data, & Internet cloud< Threat Protection: Targeted attacks, Ransomware, Compliance risks, Data loss, Inappropriate content, Malicious web links, Spear phishing, Spam and botnets, Spyware, & Viruses


  • Protects organizations from APTs and other targeted attacks
  • Blocks more malware, phishing, and spam with reputation technology.
  • Simplifies Data Protection and Encryption

Targeted attacks require a network defense

Trend Micro messaging security products provide protection against targeted attacks with enhanced web reputation, an advanced threat scan detection engine, social engineering attack protection, and a threat analysis appliance that blocks highly targeted email attacks by using sandbox execution analysis. Integration of these components provides a network defense that enables you to detect, analyze, adapt, and respond to targeted attacks.
    InterScan Messaging Security has been enriched with built-in protections against targeted attacks.
    Deep Discovery Analyzer is a hardware appliance that provides sandboxing, deep threat analysis, and local security updates in a unified intelligence platform that is the heart of Trend Micro Network Defense.

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