Exchange Reporter Plus

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Exchange Reporter Plus is an analysis and reporting solution for MS Exchange servers. Combining charts and self-explanatory UI, this software offers valuable stats and analytics required by Exchange administrators to keep their organization’s email infrastructure at its best. Additionally, it provides an audit trail best. Additionall for crucial events such as mailbox permission or property changes.

Features and Benefits

  • All-Inclusive Exchange Reporting:
    Both the “must know” and “good to know” information is available for every component of an Exchange infrastructure including mailboxes, OWA, distribution lists, public folder (and its contents), etc.
  • Mailbox Reports:
    Offer a 360-degree view of all the mailboxes in the organization. From mailbox size to permissions, every detail is reported. Additionally, you get to spot inactive or orphaned mailboxes, enabling you to get rid of them and secure the infrastructure
  • Email Traffic Reports & Security:
    Email traffic through the mailboxes, distribution lists and public folders are analyzed and reported. Finer attention has been paid to mailbox traffic, so that you get a complete picture of how mailboxes communicate with each other or with external Internet domains.
  • Reports on critical events such as changes to mailbox permissions or properties
    Configure alerts to detect non owner mailbox logons, someone tampering with permissions and other alarming events .
  • OWA / ActiveSync Reports:
    You can keep a watchful eye on OWA users through these reports. Get a detailed summary of ActiveSync-enabled devices and ActiveSync policies governing them. Supervise the ActiveSync requests.
  • Exchange Server Auditing & Alerting:
    Critical Critical events such as changes to mailbox permissions or properties get reported. Alerts can be configured to detect alarming events such as a store dismount, or dubiously high non-owner mailbox logon, or someone tampering with “Send As” permissions.

Exchange Reporter Plus - Edition Comparison

Exchange Reporter Plus is available in two editions - Standard and Professional.
Features Standard Professional
Exchange Server Reporting:
Exchange Email Traffic Analysis
OWA Usage Statistics
Mailbox Size and Growth Reporting
Mailbox Permission Reporting
Mailbox Content Tracking
Storage Growth Tracking
ActiveSync Traffic Monitoring
Office 365 Reporting
Exchange Server Auditing:
Non-Owner Mailbox Logon Auditing
Mailbox Permission Changes Auditing
Mailbox Property Changes Auditing
Exchange Store Changes Auditing
Admin Audit Log
Mailbox Audit Logging
Exchange Monitoring:
DAG Monitoring Reports
Exchange Server Monitoring Tool
Exchange Database Monitoring
Email Queue Monitoring
Exchange Storage Monitoring
Evaluation Edition
Fully-functional 'Professional edition'; reverts to 'Free Edition' after evaluation period.
Free Edition
'Standard Edition' Features restricted to '25 Exchange Mailboxes'.

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