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ServiceDesk Plus is a game changer in turning IT teams from daily fire-fighting to delivering awesome customer service. It provides great visibility and central control in dealing with IT issues to ensure that businesses suffer no downtime. For 10 years and running, it has been delivering smiles to millions of IT folks, end users, and stakeholders alike.

Features and Benefits

  • Track incidents easily
    Reduce outages, improve agent productivity, meet SLAs, and manage the complete life cycle of IT tickets.
  • Implement changes with minimal impact and risks
    Streamline planning, approval, and implementation with automated workflows.
  • Showcase all IT services in a service catalogue
    Showcase IT services that are available to end users and give IT a new face. Create and publish a service catalog with custom service-level agreements (SLAs) and multi-stage approvals.
  • Gain IT help desk insights
    Generate more than 150 built-in, custom, query, and flash reports pertaining to various IT help desk modules including requests, problems, changes, assets, surveys, contracts, and purchases.
  • Empower end-users with a self-service portal
    Facilitate easy request creation, use automated notifications to keep end users informed on ticket progress and approvals, and make company-wide announcements on outages
  • Create a rich knowledge base
    Publish a knowledge base to help end users solve repeat incidents on their own and deflect tickets away from the IT help desk.
  • Automatic ticket dispatch
    Auto-assign tickets based on technician availability, using either a round-robin or load-balancing method to cover every ticket.
  • Manage an entire IT asset inventory
    Discover and maintain an IT asset inventory with efficient auto-discovery

What features does the AD management plug-in over?

This plug-in will over the following Active Directory-specific capabilities in ServiceDesk Plus console:
  • Simultaneous user account creation for multiple platforms, such as AD, Office 365, Exchange, G Suite, and Skype for Business, using custom-made templates.
  • Password reset for AD accounts.
  • User account unlock.
  • User modification via customized templates with rules.
  • SMS and email notifications when AD tasks are executed.

This AD management plug-in also allows administrators and helpdesk technicians to logon to ADManager Plus and
  • Create customized user modification templates
  • Access ADManger Plus' product knowledge base, forum, and technical support team from its console.
  • Use an AD password reset console.
  • Locate any object easily using the AD search capability with built-in filters.
  • Use the AD Explorer for hierarchical view of configured domains and a summary of all properties and permissions (ACLs) of any selected object.

Why should ServiceDesk Plus users install the AD management plug-in?

This plug-in will help ServiceDesk Plus technicians to perform important AD user management, and other AD-specific operations right from within their help desk tool’s console. This saves them the hassle of having to use multiple tools, and also saves a lot of time.
Further, administrators can create customized user modification templates, to streamline user modification, by logging on to ADManager Plus console using this license.
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