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All-in-one network management software

OpManager Plus is an integrated network performance management solution that eliminates the need for multiple monitoring tools and provides greater visibility across your entire network. OpManager Plus is packed with advanced network management capabilities for monitoring networks, servers, IP addresses, and switch ports; managing bandwidth and network configurations; and analyzing firewall logs before archiving them. Rid your network of blind spots by deploying this powerful, integrated solution with a unified approach to network management.
  • Network Monitoring
    OpManager Plus monitors the health of all network devices in real time through various protocols
  • Server Monitoring
    OpManager Plus effectively monitors the status, availability, health, and performance of both physical and virtual servers.
  • Bandwidth Management
    OpManager Plus supports NetFlow, sFlow, cFlow, J-Flow, AppFlow, FNF, IP FIX, and NetStream to help you drill down to the root level of traffic and effectively manage bandwidth.
  • Network Configuration Management
    OpManager Plus helps automate device backup changes and provides detailed information on all your network devices and their configurations.
  • Firewall Log Analysis
    OpManager Plus extends support to your firewalls by collecting, analyzing, and archiving log data.
  • IP Address & Switch Port Management
    Manage IP addresses and switch ports easily with OpManager Plus by: Identifying available and used IP addresses in IPv4 and IPv6 subnets, Gaining visibility into each switch port's IP, MAC, VLAN, status, and availability, Managing Windows DHCP server scopes & Monitoring SNMP-based networks and traffic.
  • Applications Management
    Gain deeper insight on business-critical applications and the servers that they run on with the Applications Manager plug-in to help you: Monitor web servers, services, and databases, Perform code-level diagnostics for Java, .NET, and Ruby applications, Monitor middleware and messaging components, & Monitor your cloud, container, and hybrid IT infrastructure.

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