Recovery Manager Plus

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RecoveryManager Plus is an Active Directory backup and recovery solution which streamlines AD change management. It’s engineered to take away all the pain and effort involved in one of the most dreaded IT tasks: Active Directory backup and recovery. With its neat UI and design, the design, the tool enables you to effortlessly restore AD objects to a preferred state or specific point in time.

Features and Benefits

  • Self-Explanatory UI and Simple Recovery Process:
    From a friendly UI accessible via a web browser, recover deleted Active Directory objects or undo inadvertent changes to objects without much ado
  • Automated, Schedulable Active Directory Backups:
    The tool automatically backs up Active Directory objects as per the backup schedule configured by you.
  • Uptime-Friendly Active Directory Recovery:
    There is no need to stop or restart Active Directory while recovering deleted objects or undoing object changes.
  • Versions for Easy Point-in-Time Restoration:
    Changes Changes to objects happening at a point in time are grouped and earmarked, making it easier for you to roll back an object to a desired state
  • Comparative Review of Changes:
    Alongside Alongside the current value of an object attribute, the tool lists down a neat record of all the values the attribute had previously held. This enables you to comparatively analyze the changes and decide what is best to restore.
  • Complete or Granular Recovery:
    You can either restore a whole Active Directory object or selectively restore a few of its attributes.

Recovery Manager Plus Architecture

Compare Editions

Compare the features available in the Free Edition and the Standard Edition.
Features Free Edition Standard Edition
Objects supported (User, Groups, GPO, OU/Container, Computer, Contact, DNS, Group Membership, Exchange Attributes)
Backup Scheduler
Attribute level backup and restoration
Deleted objects restoration
Bulk object restoration
Perform instant backups
AD rollback
Multiple domain support

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