Site24x7 APM Insight

Site24x7 monitors websites and web applications from 40 locations around the world to help companies ensure optimal end-user experience, regardless of the end user’s location. In addition, Site24x7 offers agent-based server monitoring to let companies track the availability and performance of their backend servers, identify usage patterns and plan resource requirements. Site 24x7 also takes advantage of its cloud-friendly architecture to monitor the uptime of other internal devices that support these applications in the data center.
Site24x7 APM Insight builds on those core services to provide developers with unmatched visibility into end-to-end web app behavior, including performance metrics of all web transaction components starting from URLs to SQL queries. Site24x7 APM Insight supports Java, .NET and Ruby on Rails web transactions and gives a holistic application monitoring experience by keeping track of application response time, Apdex score, throughput, transaction traces and database operations.
In action, Site24x7 APM Insight can help an ecommerce website precisely optimize response times to customers using desktop, laptop and mobile devices. Site24x7 server monitoring provides deeper detail about individual Windows and Linux servers running the ecommerce app while the APM Insight functionality provides transaction visibility and application-level insights that allow further performance tuning and problem resolution.

Slow is the New Down. Accelerate your Monitoring Efforts with APM Insight.

  • Java Performance Monitoring
    Analyze your application behavior, from URL to SQL queries. Monitor critical JVM metrics like CPU usage, GC count and get alerted during outages.
  • Real User Monitoring
    Visualize the application experience of users in real time. Analyze and segment performance by browser, platform, geography, ISP and more.
  • Monitor your entire .NET stack
    From desktop applications to Windows Service performance, we've got everything covered. Also, monitor your .NET applications deployed in AWS and Azure environments, with a single agent.
  • Application Monitoring for Cloud Based Platforms
    Monitor key performance metrics of applications accessing a variety of services on the two most popular cloud based environments AWS, and Microsoft Azure.
  • PHP Monitoring
    Monitor the performance of your PHP applications, deployed in both Linux and Windows platforms.
  • Monitor Mobile Apps on iOS and Android
    Get detailed performance metrics of mobile apps on both iOS and Android platforms. Enhance end user experience by resolving issues as and when they occur.
  • Ruby Application Monitoring
    Monitor and trace all performance issues of applications running on Ruby on rails from slow database queries, and web services to background jobs.
  • Log Management for Developers
    View production, application logs, and performance issues in the same console. Your developers and IT Operators do not need access to production servers for server troubleshooting.
  • Node.js Application Monitoring
    Gain end to end visibility in to your Node.js application performance. Track all triggered events and asynchronous calls to enhance your application performance.

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