Site24x7 MSP

Cloud-based All-in-One IT Monitoring Platform for MSPs

Manage your customers' IT infrastructure with our scalable, secure, and affordable monitoring suite designed for managed service providers and cloud service providers.

Gain the edge over your competition with Site24x7's MSP platform.

  • All-in-one Monitoring
    Monitor diverse client endpoints, networks, servers, applications, and AWS from one place. Our cloud-based solution makes it convenient for you to monitor different customer networks. A uniform platform for service delivery helps you support your clients' capabilities by offering specialized tools for their unique monitoring needs.
  • Multi-tenancy
    Securely manage the accounts of multiple customers. Gain total visibility into client systems and scale to accommodate any number of customers.
  • White Labeling
    Rebrand your monitoring platform and reports with a custom name, logo, and URL so that you can promote your brand, and customers can identify with it.
  • Flexible Dashboards and SLAs
    Proactively share reports, customized dashboards, NOC views, and business views highlighting all metrics slowing down your website, with your clients. Send SLA reports to update customers about your service consistency.
  • Granular Roles and Permissions
    Utilize individual operational roles to monitor and manage customer accounts. Unified licensing offers account admins full control on subscription and billing activities across customer accounts, including control over upgrades, add-on purchases, and alert credits.

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