Vulnerability management for enterprise

Vulnerability Manager Plus delivers comprehensive vulnerability scanning, assessment, and remediation across all endpoints in your network from a centralized console.
From time to time, zero-day vulnerabilities rear their ugly heads, and a secure foundation is essential to ensure your organization doesn't fall apart from a single vulnerability. In any case, vulnerabilities are just an entryway into the network; there are several other security loopholes that attackers leverage to laterally move through your network to reach their intended target.
    In addition to vulnerability management, Vulnerability Manager Plus packs a powerful array of security features, such as:
    • Security configuration management to identify configuration drifts or misconfigurations and bring them under compliance.  
    • Zero-day vulnerability mitigation, which offers a dedicated tab for easy identification of zero-day vulnerabilities, and utilizes workarounds to mitigate them before fixes arrive.
    • Web server hardening to view recommendations on how to harden your web servers so they're free from multiple attack variants.
    • Active port auditing to identify the ports in use, and see if any are being used by malicious services.
    • High-risk software auditing to sniff out end-of-life, remote desktop sharing, and peer-to-peer software in your network.
    • Antivirus protection to identify systems in which the installed antivirus is missing, disabled, or not up-to-date, and also deploy the latest definition files to the outdated antivirus.

Vulnerability Manager Plus, with its integrated web console, allows you to:
  • Prioritize the most imminent and impactful vulnerabilities with vulnerability assessment, and deliver prompt remediation with built-in patching.
  • Automate regular patching schedules including missing patch detection, download, testing, and deployment to Windows, Mac, Linux, and over 300 third-party applications.
Now you can streamline, track, and regulate the entire cycle of vulnerabilities—from detection to closure—from a central location, without having to invest in multiple tools and install multiple agents. Do away with the burden of intermediary ticketing, and eliminate the unnecessary delay and potential disparity in data transmitted between separate products.
Features and benefits

Features and benefits

Available as 3 editions

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edition comparison matrix.
Vulnerability Manager Plus is available in three variants - Professional edition, Enterprise edition and Free edition. The table below provides a comparison of features available in the different editions.


Vulnerability Management Architecture
The following guide will help you understand the process of vulnerability management with the help of an architecture diagram.

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