WebAnalyzer Plus

Get to Know Your Website's Visitors

Do you know your website visitors? What search tags they used to arrive at your site? Where they come from? How soon they find on your site what they came looking for? The conversion percentage and things that affect it? Is your website bringing in new customers?
Answers to these questions hold the key to the success of your website and eventually your business. So, do you have these answers?
WebAnalyzer Plus, a free, real-time web analytics solution, will provide you answers to the above questions and much more. Its intuitive user interface and rich feature set means you don't have to be an analytical expert to get the data you need. With WebAnalyzer Plus you can gain valuable insights into your website's visitors - in real time - so you can optimize your customers' experience and maximize revenues.

Features of WebAnalyzer Plus

  • Website Analytics
    Get complete insight in to the performance of your webpages. View which pages fare better; which pages perform poorly; referrers who bring you the most visitors and much more. This will help you chalk up strategies to improve your webpages.
  • Individual User Analysis
    Website analytics alone won’t give you the whole picture. Understanding your visitor’s behavior is paramount if you want to improve your website. Our unique user analytics system lets you see each and every individual visitor details and their complete history.
  • Real Time Web Analytics
    Get accurate, real time data of what’s happening in your website as it happens. See what visitors are doing right now on your website, the pages they are viewing, etc. Also, monitor how fast your webpages are loading in real time.
  • Mobile User Analytics
    Have your visitors moved on to smartphones and tablets? You can monitor their behavior on mobile too. WebAnalyzer Plus’s analytics system gives you comprehensive statistics on how your mobile visitors engage with your website. See what devices they use, the platform they are in and the speed of your site when loading in mobile devices.
  • Heat Map
    Visualize your visitor’s every mouse click unique heat maps for different devices and screen sizes like PCs, tablets and smartphones. Heat Map visually displays where visitors click on your website and the hot and cold click zones, so you can deduce what works for your webpage and what's not.
  • Error Page Monitoring
    How important is a 404 error page? Very important if a lot of visitors end up there. Using WebAnalyzer Plus’s unique error page monitoring feature you can find out when, where and to whom an error page was served. Analyze and optimize your webpage so that you don’t miss out on even a single visitor.
  • Site Speed Monitoring
    Develop a faster, more-efficient and improved web experience for your visitors by continuously monitoring your site speed and react before something goes wrong. Check your website’s load time based on browsers, visitor’s country, etc.
  • Custom Reports
    Are the built-in reports not sufficient for you? Don’t worry. You can get all the data you need easily through the custom reports generator. WebAnalyzer Plus has various metrics and filters for you to extract the precise data you need.

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