Simplify Office 365 identity management with life cycle orchestration
July 18, 2019
Active Directory & IT Security Webinar Series
July 23, 2019

Uncomplicate Active Directory backup and recovery in under 30 mins

Why Attend This Talk Show?

Active Directory (AD) backup and restoration is a critical part of any admin’s job. Despite taking extreme caution to prevent mishaps, accidental deletions are inevitable. Should an unwanted or accidental change disrupt the workings of the domain or AD, it’s up to the IT admins to rectify the issue. To do this they often rely on AD backup and recovery. In this webinar, we shed some light in under 30 minutes on how IT admins can simplify AD backup and recovery using the right tools.


  • Implement incremental backups of AD objects.
  • Perform complete backups of all the objects present in your domain.
  • Restore only the required objects or individual attributes of particular objects.
  • Recover objects completely or granularly without having to restart your  domain controllers (DCs).
  • Empower your help desk by delegating AD backup and recovery rights.
  • Compare different backup versions to view changes, and undo even the smallest of accidental changes.
  • Restore objects granularly from incremental backups that store different versions of each object.