Why poor IAM could easily cost your organization as much as $4 million, and how to prevent it
December 9, 2019
Unified Endpoint Management & Security Free Training
December 10, 2019

Unlock the secrets to user logon auditing and prevent attacks

Why attend this webinar?

Monitoring user logons and discovering patterns in user activities are key to detecting breaches the moment they occur. Attackers could sneak in through a single account and compromise the entire network within a few hours. Complete auditing and thorough analysis of all user logons and activity can help prevent this and ensure compliance with industry regulations. Keeping track of all user logons and logoffs is especially beneficial while investigating an incident that damaged file integrity or resulted in data loss. 

In this webinar, IT security expert Jay will discuss:

  • Preventing attacks by auditing user logon activity.
  • Spotting patterns in logon failures that can indicate a potential breach.
  • Leveraging logon and logoff activity to detect unauthorized file accesses.
  • Analyzing user behavior and employee productivity.